Below are workshops taught with warmth, kindness and sensitivity. 

1. A Different Approach to Wellness

This workshop won’t load you with theory, but rather inspire simple accessible exercises, experiences and thoughts to repeat. With positive repetition, you create a path that leads to the realisation of your goals. By receiving a new kind of support, demands for perfection will lessen, and goals that seemed out of reach can suddenly come into view. You may feel frightened, as change can be frightening, but that doesn’t have to stop you.

It takes time to get used to our own quiet, to feel at home deeper in our own skin. Yet, this allows us to be more alive, present and joyful in the unfolding of our lives.

Whether this means practicing a cherished art, changing your job, improving relationships, becoming healthier or adding exercise or activism – in your own combination, we will explore elements of meditation, Alexander Technique, easy movements and sounds. Also some writing, reflecting and sharing our fears and triumphs in discovering own true selves. We all have many ideas and wishes, and it make take time to unravel what is really true. For us. 

2. Set Your Voice Free

Exploring spontaneity and joy with the Alexander Technique

Find the courage to authentically be who you are. With the tools of Alexander Technique, and more, we will  explore sound, breath, movement and passion, and the deep well of who you ultimately are. Perhaps you secretly wish to sing or dance, or speak with more ease, or suffer chronic pain, or a musician who feels they’re holding back, this workshop will shine a new light of awareness. In the childlike wonder of curiosity: Discover who you are now in your life, and what can bring you deeper meaning.

Find new inspiration and practical tools of how to practice and play the instrument of your being.

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