“I had lessons with Deborah in Oslo, to improve my singing voice. We did a combination of Alexander technique, breath, movement and voice work. She took me deeper into the discovery of who I am. Her lessons helped enormously in giving courage to move to NY, to study acting and to follow my heart. Learning from Deborah helped trigger a huge turning point in my life, and the work with her still serves as a great reminder.” Mary, Oslo

“It was an amazing experience working with you. Just the step I needed to go further in my life: To decompress and let go more, to show more of me. You helped me discover my power; to be visible in the world with less effort, yet with pleasure! You’ve taught me how to re-direct my fear, to turn it into energy, with acceptance. Thank you!” ~ Kate, Belgium

“Your workshop was transformative for me…a really wonderful experience vibrating in me as I move through everything I’m doing. You’ve helped me let go of performing for the wrong reasons. I feel set free from all the years of family pressure. The whole idea of making things as easy as possible seems to be at the forefront of everything I do now. You’re such a beautiful, healing soul Deborah. I can’t wait to read your book and for our paths to cross again.” ~ Anne, Wicklow

“At this Set Your Voice Free workshop, I had no idea what to expect. It turned out to be an invitation to come alive, a chance to discover who I am and how to get out of my own way! I sang, I danced, I cried, all in a way I had thought I could no longer do. With kindness and mischievous humor, Deborah gave us space to share as much or as little as we chose. She listened, encouraged and acknowledged us in a remarkable way. As the day progressed, I became freer than I’d been in years. Aches and pains and fears and the accumulated stress of living melted away. By the end, I felt bountiful, loving, and so powerful the whole large room wasn’t big enough to contain me.” ~Tia, Ireland

“Thank you so very much for the workshop! You are really beautiful and I had wonderful time! And I got finally to the crying business yesterday and it’s exactly what I should be doing right now to heal myself. So thank you so much for helping me to get started!” ~ Satu Kotkatniemi, Dingle

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