Find Your Voice

Take the risk to find your hidden gift. Perhaps someone told you not to sing, or dance or write. Here we create a safe space for you to discover and unlock the real ‘voice’ within you. Singing, writing, dancing, painting etc, these are like sports that need to be awakened and practiced. We need to allow that it doesn’t have to be right or perfect to begin. 

As a certified Music Therapist, Alexander Technique practitioner, professional musician, actress and writer, my  experience allows me to provide you with the guidance and support to nurture any of these hidden gifts.  

I offer coaching in writing memoir, journal, poetry and song. All levels and experience are welcome, from the beginner to professional. I also help those who write in English when English isn’t your first language. 

The idea is to help you get started. No need to be an expert singer or writer to begin. Emphasis is on the practice of art.

Surprise yourself!

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