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 My road was rocky and not always clear to define. Some steps back to go forward and many times I felt lost, skipping like a broken record. They say in the 12-step programs to not give up before the miracle. For me this miracle is living with more joy and spontaneity, more laughter and kindness with myself and others. I banged into walls, but luckily also found wonderful teachers, therapists and coaches that helped me become a healthier, happier version of me.

My path includes obtaining degrees in Music Therapy, theatre, dance, voice and the Alexander Technique. I don’t believe in the old saying: ‘there are some who do and some who teach. For me, both inform and inspire. I teach, perform, and create. And in-between find ways to exercise, either in social dance (tango, salsa, kizomba and free-style), walking, swimming, yoga and more. Sometimes, I get overwhelmed with choices, and there too I can share with you some of my discoveries and secrets.

The idea for this new website came about slowly. Over the years while giving workshops, I was teased to give a workshop in being me. That seemed way too arrogant, although all teaching is a chance to share one’s secrets. Then something happened this past winter while helping my father in Florida. Doing my regular activities outside – morning writing, some yoga/stretching/Alexander mix, and in the late afternoon, I’d take my guitar and ukulele under a tree to practice. Over time, some people asked who I was. “You are one of the healthiest people I’ve ever seen,” was a common reaction. “Could you stay there and teach me to be so healthy.” And so the idea for this website was born.

Allow me to help you find the most creative and healthy you. 

Deborah Jeanne Weitzman

As a well-seasoned and certified Music Therapist and practitioner of Alexander Technique, I am committed to freeing the voice, the breath, movement and expression. I am also a professional musician, actress and writer. Using my wealth of experience I will provide you with the guidance and support to nurture any of your hidden talents gifts!

Throughout my life I’ve discovered many secrets that make it easier to unblock and release, to come into our authentic self in an activity or in just the art of ‘being.’ It’s all about finding our breath! Even with moments of panic, or resistance, I’m here to help you unlearn those patterns of fear to find greater power and presence. I’ve helped many people over the years to actualise their dreams and to recover from resistance, perfectionism and anxiety. 

 My music is on many online sites and her book, Pandora Learns to Sing is available on Amazon. You can learn more about my work on DeborahJeanne.com.

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