Creative Healthy Living

Create Joy and Spontaneity in Your Life

Through Individual Coaching


Change is hard — but not impossible.

Do you crave more meaning and purpose? Life may be hard and challenging, we may feel burnt out and alone. What if there were creative solutions still undiscovered, untapped? You may just surprise yourself!  

Due to stress, anxiety, depression; fears, of not being good enough, or being judged, we lose sight of our dreams. Or we may already be on the journey of change, and just need a bit more support or guidance.  Perhaps you’ve experienced recovery from addictive substances or traumatic events, or are about to retire from work you’ve done for years and are dreading the open space – this is a great chance to explore what you really love and who you’ve always been. Hence – the purpose of Creative Healthy Living. To help you express your highest self with kindness and willingness with my unique blend of transformational coaching. Being connected to our higher self, invites connection to nature. Thus we can learn to both care for ourselves and the planet.


Through a series of one-to-one sessions, we will challenge what’s been blocking or stopping you from transforming stress and uncertainty into creativity and self-care. An holistic program, just for you, that you can and want to repeat. We all need ritual and purpose, it’s the getting starting and continuing when resistance rears its angry head that we need help in. Not easy to embark on the road we’ve never taken. Yet with experienced support, miracles can happen. 

This approach is also available in a group workshop setting where we will explore similar elements. These workshops are from a few hours to several days, to deep retreat. More details are on event page.

By finding our breath we can recover from stress, panic and trauma

Sing, Write, Dance; Find the poet

in you

Healthy living for ourselves and the planet.

"It was an amazing experience working with you. I discovered my power with less effort, and more pleasure!
Kate, Belgium

“Your workshop transformed me...a really wonderful experience! I am set free from years of pressure. You're such a beautiful, healing soul Deborah and I hope our paths cross soon again."
Anne, Wicklow

Hi, I'm Deborah…

As a well-seasoned and certified Music Therapist and practitioner of Alexander Technique, I am committed to freeing the voice, the breath, movement and expression.

I’ve helped many people over the years to actualise their dreams and to recover from resistance, perfectionism and anxiety. It’s all about finding our breath, and the space in our body and minds to allow this breath.

Even with moments of panic, or resistance, I’m here to help you unlearn those patterns of fear to find greater power and presence. I practice all this in my own life so I’m well aware of the risks, pitfalls and joys! 

My music is on many online sites and my book, Pandora Learns to Sing is available on Amazon. Check my event schedule for a workshop near you.

Upcoming Events
  1. Exploring the breath and free movement in Berlin (in April)

    April 8 @ 10:00 am - April 15 @ 5:00 pm
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